Saturday, January 16, 2010

Philosophical Musings - Part XXVIII

The Roots of Wisdom

As I laid in bed, struck with a serious illness over the past month - I realize just how fragile my life really is. There is nothing like the threat of my life being forcibly taken away for me to really comprehend how attached I am to this life I'm leading. Taking care of one's health may sound cliched but it's better than being bedridden for a month. Though I've lost a month, I've gained a new found appreciation for life and my health. There's nothing like Calvin's proverbial advice - a good swift kick in the butt is what I need to get going. And that reminds me on Hong Yingming's verse on the roots of sorrow below.

The Roots of Sorrow

The Diseases of Old Age
Are all incurred at the time of our Youth

The Adversities that overtake us after we start to decline
Were all created at the time of our Prosperity


Therefore, when the Gentleman is enjoying Status & Fortune
He is extremely apprehensive

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