Friday, October 31, 2008

Philosophical Musings - Part XV

The Roots of Wisdom

Be wary of how you spend your days, for life is transient. Here’s a verse by Hong Yingming on this ephemeral and fleeting world we live in.

Transient Life

Heaven and Earth exist for eons
Yet this body you will not receive again

Our lives span no longer than a century
Yet the days pass with the greatest of ease

He who is fortunate to be born:

Should not be ignorant of the joy of living
Nor oblivious to the sorrow of life’s vanity


Damien Tan

Thanks for the timely reminder that we don't live forever. Amazing to see how many of us talk and act as if we do.


Dear Damien,

It's easy to forget things we don't like to be reminded of. To appreciate Life, we must be mindful of its counterpart, Death.

There are times that I wish I am more carefree ... Ignorance is sometimes bliss, but then again, surely there must be something more to life...


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