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What is this Blog about?

I would like to invite you on a journey of self discovery and personal development. There are three main themes to this blog:

To share with you interesting philosophical musings that occurs to me on this voyage we call life. I will also post opinions of interesting philosophers that have influenced my outlook on life. Currently these topics are covered under
Philosophical Musings.

Let us journey together on the road to financial literacy and the world of value investing. We will look at wealth conservation, creation and attainment of Financial Independence. Firstly, let's start by considering how to manage our money and conserve wealth

Once you have sufficient savings, you can consider the next stage of Financial Independence, namely Wealth Generation. One of the ways to do this is by investing in the stock exchange. A summary of my thoughts on investing can be found
here. Alternatively, you can read about the Fundamentals and Basics of Investing. Next, we will need to understand how to analyze audited financial statements and review the performance of these listed companies. This is covered in my Analytical Review 101 series.

Whoa there cowboy! Before you start diving in with the sharks, are you wise enough to avoid the
Seven Deadly Sins of Investing? You may also want to obtain an alternative view of our economic system here.

Review ancient war stratagems, war & political treatises and historical events. History always repeats itself. Knowledge of the past will equip us to deal with the future.

We will review the battles that occured during the
Romance of the Three Kingdoms and stratagems used. Management stratagies employed by the greatest strategist of that time, Zhuge Liang will also be explored in his book entitled The Way of the General.

Key Personal Development topics will be explored and explained from time to time. I am currently reviewing the topic on
Speed Reading.

Frequency of Posting
Updates will usually be made three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Contact Me
You can contact me directly via email at wonderwealthwisdom[at]gmail[dot]com

Comments Policy
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