Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Speed Reading - Part VII

Analytical Reading: An Overview

Having mastered the first two stages of reading, we are now ready to proceed with the third stage, namely Analytical Reading. I wish to reiterate that this stage requires substantial concentration, suitable only, if you are seeeking deep insights from the book being read. If you are reading novels or magazines merely for leisure, you do not need to use Analytical Reading. Let us review the purpose of this stage of reading:

At this stage, reading is a complex and systematic activity. This requires a thorough and complete reading. Unlike inspectional reading, analytical reading attempts the best and complete reading, given an UNLIMITED amount of time. The reader here, must ask many and organized questions. Since this is an intense activity, it is NOT REQUIRED for all reading. It is used only when you require an in-depth understanding of the particular book you are reading.

As you can see from the Diagram above, there are seven interlocking steps when performing analytical reading. We will briefly review each of these seven steps for now.

1. Classification
You must know what kind of book you are reading even before you read it analytically.

2. X-Ray
State the gist of the whole book in a short and concise paragraph.

3. Establish Rapport
Find the important words and through them, establish rapport with the author.

4. What’s the Message?
Find the paragraphs in the book stating its’ core arguments. If there are none, construct your own paragraph based on your own understanding of the book.

5. Fair Criticism
Suspend your judgment and seek first to understand the author’s line of thinking.

6. Judgment
Form your opinion and substantiate your judgment as to the validity of the authors’ reasoning.

7. Aids to Reading
Here, discussions will revolve around the use of extrinsic aids to reading such as commentaries & abstracts, reference books, dictionaries and encyclopedias.

It is important that one masters Analytical Reading as you will profit greatly from it. Applying Analytical Reading will become progressively easier if you practice it often. I will look at each of these seven steps in future posts.



i have a digestive problem, fren.


Dear Ah Keong,

It only looks complicated-lar...Just like riding bike mah, the more your practice, the easier it gets.



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