Friday, September 12, 2008

Philosophical Musings - Part VIII

The Roots of Wisdom

What do you seek in this world?

Is it fame and wealth that you crave for?
Or is Happiness you seek?
Ah, the folly of False Desires!

People cherish that, which they do not need
Whilst abandoning that, which they should treasure
If so, how can they be Joyful?
If so, how can they know the Peace of Mind?

Stay a while, o’ wanderer
And listen to a verse from the Roots of Wisdom:

Peace of Mind

Men know the happiness of Fame and Position
They do not know that Obscurity and Lack of Position
Is Happiness of the Highest Truth!

Men know of the affliction of Hunger and Cold
They do not know that the Perpetual Insecurity
Of the Rich is an affliction more excessive still!


marketing deviant

Nina Wang looks quite disturbing. I guess that's why she's the richest Asian woman :D


Dear Marketing Deviant,

You should check out her biography here.

Quite a sad story for such a rich lady. All that great wealth didn't bring her much happiness in the end.


Maverick SM


I will do an intro of your blog. Let me a few days to do so.

You need to write a lot more articles do draw readers. And you need to visit more blogs (not so famous bloggers) and leave some comments at their blogs so as to win their support. For me, you are already a cyber-friend.


Dear Maverick SM,

Hey, thanks for your assistance. I really appreciate it. Please do take your time.

Yeah, looking back at your blog, you must have put a lot of sweat and tears into it. So many posts. Thanks for the encouragement.

I've good ideas for further posts, but just got discouraged somewhat since I felt not many people were reading. LOL, didn't want to think that I was only talking to myself.

Good advice on visting other blogs. I'll do as you suggest.



another suggestion, put your new post in nuffnang's innit.

This will let other bloggers to click on your post. Who knows, you may get few more regular visitors [heh heh.. i just did that.. hoh hoh]


Dear Ah Keong,

I'm not a member-lah. Let me know whether it brings you good traffic.


Yours Truly

Avatar : people are contradictory by nature. When in poverty they aspire to a life of great material wealth. When anonymous, they yearn for the attention of the whole world... that is till they finally DO GET what THEY WISHED FOR.

To all : careful what you WISH for.


Dear Yours Truly,

Your observations are astute. I couldn't agree with you more on this.



happiness is... not having a cough!!

I learnt this wisdom several years ago after I was down with a bout of cough for like 3 months. Nothing serious, but just an itchy throat that tickles while I lie in bed trying to find sleep.

Having lived with little, I found what it means to be happy on a cold winter night in lake district many years ago. I had a credit card!! The knowledge that I need not worry about where to lodge that night nor to find food to warm my tummy, brought me much peace, and deep gratefulness for how far I have left my childhood poverty behind.

Happiness is all around us. But, if we lose sight of what we have, and choose to focus our eyes on what we don have, that's when misery sets in. For this reason, Thou shall not envy is rightly one of the 10 commandments God in His wisdom had given us.


Dear Elizabeth,

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Yes, having a nasty itchy throat is pretty annoying and I'm glad you recovered from it.

Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and we should steer away from it.

For me, years of schooling and emphasis on academic achievements has carried over to working life. The new yardstick being $$$. It's not easy to stop being envious especially since society measures us by our wealth (or lack of it).

Still, I'm trying hard to let go of my attachments.



Dear Avatar,

You are not talking to yourself! Keep up the good work. Always look forward to your Monday posting, not to say I am not interest in your other postings, it is just that I enjoy more reading your ROTK. The finance, The wisdom, the reading postings are all quite interesting to me. I don't how bloggers manage to fit all their blogging activities and all other daily activities! Respect.

Have a good weekend


Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for the encouragement :)

Glad you enjoy the RO3K postings. Although there's a wealth of material, I'm trying to think of how to structure it coherently.

My next RO3K post will be about Zhuge Liang, out on 22 Sept. It's quite interesting and I came across it accidentally whilst surfing.



IMHO, there are regular followers on our blogs. just that they dun wan to leave a comment.


by the way, enjoy ur mooncake festival & dried meats.. hah hah


Dear Ah Keong,

Same to you, enjoy the mooncake festival.




Dropping by to give you support.

When I first started I wasnt sure what to write, in the end, i just follow my heart, and now I can't seem to stop writing. I deleted my blog once because I thought I did't have anything to say, but after a month, I created another because I realised that thoughts written down is better than being kept somewhere deep in my mind.

Take care


Dear Hopeful Pessimist,

Thanks for the encouragement. I appreciate you sharing your experience with me.


Problematic Child

Hey Avatar,
I got to know your blog from Maverick's blog. I will start to drop by your blog if I have the time. But, I think I should compliment about Maverick's great job in promoting or introducing your blog to everyone. He has got the blogging spirit in him and also show the value of helping other bloggers.
Good luck in your blog & keep blogging! Don't give up!


Dear Problematic Child,

Thanks for dropping by and the encouragement.

Yes, I'm extremely grateful that Maverick was willing to introduce my blog in his popular Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin blog.

Damien Tan

If its any comfort, nobody reads my two blogs except for you and a couple of other regulars. I started off blogging not so much to get readers but to prevent a reading disability from returning.

On the topic, Hollywood is full of attention whores and you always notice the same thing. People get sued left and right and marriages never last. Is it possible to be rich and be low profile? Judging by the no of old millionaires who sit for a quiet cuppa in an old kopi tiam with their shorts and slippers, I guess so. LOL.


Dear Damien,

Don't be so modest-lar. I think you have good traffic and quite a number of commentators.

Only thing is that your topics (and probably mine) are not attention grabbers, so less people visit or comment.

Some of my friends even mentioned that the English in my blog is too *powDerful*, so they don't dare to comment. LOL :) Your blogs are probably facing the same *powDerful* English syndrome.


Damien Tan

My English is driving ppl away? But I haven't used the words 'obfuscate' and 'confabulate' yet... LOL. Actually my dream would be to blog in Chinese. I'm learning kindegarten level writing at the moment.


Well, you'd better not start or even I will stay away :(

Learning Chinese eh, good for you. I'll be joining you soon.

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