Monday, June 1, 2009

Philosophical Musings - Part XXV

Reflections on the Winter of My Soul

In the silence of the Night
I sit here alone
And I ponder
On Life

What is clearly Black or White …
Has turned into shades of Grey
What is evidently Right or Wrong …
Has become mired in lies

When Trust is betrayed
It pains one’s Soul
More than words can say
More than the heart can bear

A shadow has fallen
Across the arid landscape
Lost …

One day
The journey must end
I know naught what the future holds
Will I one day too, be forsaken, forgotten and forlorn?



is your journey ended?


I hope not as in his reply in his ealier post...


Dear All,

One journey ends, another one begins...

I'm not through with blogging yet.

There are times, I wonder what this life is all about... though.



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