Friday, June 12, 2009

Philosophical Musings - Part XXVI

My Search for Meaning

Once … long past
I believed in the world
Accepted life without questions
Without doubts

Questions abounds
Burning …
Unyielding …

Freedom …
Free to think
Free to ponder
Free to question

My mind
Like a whirlpool

Some place faith
With God
I will not

No haven
No shelter
Only the sinister
Light of the cold, harsh truth

Why must I end?
If so, why do I exist?
Why did I begin?
If so, why am I unaware?


Damien Tan

You are asking the right questions and the fact that you are asking means something is waking up. So keep on asking and just as importantly, learn how to cast light into those dark areas.

Good to see you coming out of hibernation, hehe.


Dear Damien,

Yep... sustaining the energy to ask the 'tough' questions in life is never easy. I'm usually tempted to 'sleep' on it and laze off at times. Ah..., hibernation season is over and time to start blogging and letting off steam again...

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), my questions on Life keeps on gnawing at me like a pesky bug that I can't swat... Intellectually, the answer seems pretty simple. However, true understanding and acceptance of life is something that is never easy, I guess.


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