Friday, August 1, 2008

Philosophical Musings - Part II

The Roots of Wisdom

Today, I would like to share with you a simple poem by an ancient Chinese philosopher, Hong Yingming, author of the book 'The Roots of Wisdom'. He lived during the twilight years of the Ming Dynasty. The following is an English translation of his poem by Tsai Chih Chung, published by AsiaPac Books.

The Celebration of Life

People of this world put themselves in Chains
For the sake of Gain and Fame
Then talk of the World of Dust
The Sea of Bitterness

They do not know that:

Clouds are white
Mountains green
Rivers run
Rocks stand erect

Blossoms invite
Birds chirp merrily
The valley responds
The woodcutters sing

This World, again
Is not of Dust
The Sea, again
Is not Bitter

It is only that
On their own
They put the Dust and Bitterness
In their Hearts



Hi! A very nice poem!! thanks for sharing!

Your in my blogupp today!
Added you on my blog roll, hope you can add me too!


Dear Sheng,

I've added you to my blog as well. Thanks for visiting.



wonderful poem!Thanks for sharing!


Dear Nyl,

Thanks for droppng by. Yes, it's one of my favourite poems on life.

Helps me quite a bit when I get angry or upset in life.



Dear Avatar,

Thanks for sharing this nice poem. Do you think you could post the chinese version as well?

Many thanks,


Dear Anonymous,

Do drop by often as I'll post more his poems.

Here's the link to the chinese version. Enjoy :)
Roots of Wisdom

PS - Anonymous, can you use a nickname at the end of your post? That way, I won't be confused as to who is commenting.


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