Friday, August 29, 2008

Philosophical Musings - Part VI

The Roots of Wisdom

Although I have spent over three decades in this world, the vastness of my ignorance overwhelms me. There is so much still, to understand and learn. In truth, I am like a child, full of ignorance, seeking the Way towards the Truth. Understanding thus, I cast away my pride, at my meager store of knowledge. Whenever I feel proud of my accomplishments, I recall the following verse about wholeness by Hong Yingming:


When the water vessel is full, it overturns

While the piggy bank remains empty, it is whole

Therefore, the gentleman:

Resides in vacuity
Rather than existence

And exists in lacking
Rather than saturation



err i tot it overflows


Dear Doc2Mee,

The vessel or glass is supposed to overturn whilst the water overflows...

Couldn't find any such pix on the net though. :)


Damien Tan

Happiness is not in accumulating but in letting go.

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