Friday, November 14, 2008

Philosophical Musings – Part XVII

The Roots of Wisdom

Where can one find a sage who can impart upon you the true meaning of life? Be wary of those who promise to fulfill all your wildest desires if you follow their teachings. For charlatans and false prophets seem to thrive in this day and age. Listen to a verse from Hong Yingming, lest you be led astray.

The Man of True Wisdom

Spicy Wines and Roasted Meats
Sweet and Spicy Foods

These do no have True Taste
True Taste is only in the light and simple

The Mysterious and the Strange
The Pre-eminent and the Uncommon

These are not men with True Wisdom
True Wisdom lies only within the ordinary man



Yes and no.

As of food, every cook knows that true taste only exist when little flavoring is put in.


Joking aside, true wisdom may or may not exist in those people but perhaps true wisdom are with those who seek them not deliberately, yet exercise them in their restrain of folly.


Dear Amethyst213,

Perhaps something was lost in the translation from the original Chinese text. I agree that true wisdom would not lie in most ordinary men. Contrarily, one should be on guard if one meets charismatic characters claiming to be the next Messiah ...


Tomas Karkalas

Wow, what a beautiful illustration of the post that helps to shift from searching for the wings in other to oneself. Thank you. The photo of the plate unlocked the mystery/so eloquently interpreted the dreams of the sage.
True wisdom helps to recognize and appreciate more the precious taste of our everyday food. It's the gratitude for the light that sun drops on us all till now. That's the recognition of the divine love to us all. Thus while welcoming the ordinary passerby as my dear brother in spirit, I recognize myself in other and thus taste the precious love of God whose Spirit indwells in US ALL and makes the ordinary the giants at a moment we sink into the gratitude.
Thank you. Let me to share my joy with you and invite you to my blogs. Let my blogs become your for the light will be spread between us.
Though my writing with the dictionary in hand may create some hardships to us, yet I trust in the ultimate victory - we all glorify the Messiah and thus we even can't be the silent strangers.


Dear Tomas,

Thanks for the kind words and invitation. I appreciate it.



indeed avatar...

maybe due to wary or folly, i no longer look at religion as divine as it is made out, what's more new messiah?

but tomas is right though, gratitude is wisdom. of knowing or appreciating..

a friend

Pls do not judge a book by its cover. Have you ever check, take a deeper closer look, analyse, and understand thoroughly before you pen something? Are you enligtened enough to see the insight things? Have you fouud and deeply taste the divine God love and Spirit dwells in us all? Have you found the truth and attain spiritual enlightenment? If no, pls be wary of the mind and ego that like to feed negative information. If one meets a charismatic Messiah or a wise sage… that only practice goodness, then you should respected them. The law in the universe is that you lose spiritual merit if you slander or even suspect a realized soul. The more the doubts, misgiving, suspicions and thinking negatively, the greater the loss suffered.


Dear Friend,

I have none of the accomplishments that you ask of. And I agree that the mind can be extremely negative at times.

Whilst what you say is true, not all of us have the wisdom to discern between the wheat and the chaff. In these modern times, there are many who proclaim to be wise, yet few are.

I would give every person due respect and courtesy they deserve. Personally, I feel that 'deep respect' is something to be earned. People are sometimes too trusting of charismatic characters. I however, would err on the side of caution. Others may feel differently, I suppose.


Yours Truly

Gentlemen : Messiah? Wise sage? I thought goodness exists in every individual, maybe in more degrees than others. Methinks it's time for people to start realizin' they gotta stop idolizin' the prophets & start realizin' their own potentials. IMHO.


Dear Yours Truly,

Whilst goodness and wisdom exists in everybody, some people are more advanced than others. Just like some people are more good looking than others.

So, there's nothing wrong in learning from a wise person, if we happen to meet one. It's just that sometimes, it's so seductive to place blind trust in another person who claims that he can show you the way to happiness. Of course, if one goes overboard and becomes too overly critical, that's bad too since we might miss an important lesson.

So, my motto is always: Trust but Verify.

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Wow that is a beautiful illustration of the post that helps to shift from searching for the wings in other to oneself. Thank you.

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