Friday, November 21, 2008

Philosophical Musings – Part XVIII

The Roots of Wisdom

Life is constantly changing during these chaotic times. Yet one should act naturally in accordance with the changing circumstances. Remain vigilant in prosperous times and calm during challenging ones. One would do well to heed the following verse:

Natural Quietude

Heaven and Earth
Remain peacefully unmoved
Yet, their Life Force is unceasing
And is seldom known to rest

The Sun and Moon
Hasten through their courses of Day and Night
Yet, their befitting Light
Has not changed through the Ages

Thus for the Gentleman:

It is necessary during times of Leisure
To keep in mind what is proper for Emergencies
It is necessary during times of Difficulties
To retain an element of Composure



Looks like it is not easy to be a gentleman.


Dear Footiam,

True! That shouldn't stop us from trying, though :)



must dedicate this to all the ladies out there... but then, we need them to spin the economy with their shopping spree... LOL

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