Friday, December 5, 2008

Philosophical Musings – Part XXI

The Roots of Wisdom

A wise man should not let gain or loss, nor honor or disgrace, blemish his original nature. Though one’s fortune may change, if one is cautious and circumspect, he needs not worry about the vagaries of life. An unperturbed hard is a sign of true wisdom, as elaborated here by Hong Yingming:

An Unperturbed Heart

Do not be surprised by either
Praise or Blame
Look peacefully in the Garden
As flowers bloom and flowers fall

Give no regards to either
Leaving or Staying
Ramblingly follow the sky
As clouds mass together and clouds disperse


Tomas Karkalas

Beauty of the eloquence of your verse breathed the magical wind and I recognized my sick bed transformed into a sip of fresh air. Thank you. The hot Hello, dear friend hovers over us and the sunbeam invites to dance.
Your blog is worthy the best art showroom.


Dear Tomas,

You're welcome and thanks for the kind comment.


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