Friday, December 26, 2008

Philosophical Musings – Part XXIV

The Roots of Wisdom

Our education system in this modern world is in somewhat of a dire state. Rote learning, memorizing and plagiarizing is becoming rampant. We should be vigilant in educating our young ones on how to understand the true essence of things. Here is the relevant verse from the Roots of Wisdom:

The Essence of Things

People understand how to read books
That have words
But do not understand how to read those
That lack them

They know how to pluck the lute
That has strings
But do not know how to pluck one
That has none

Caught by the form
But untouched by the spirit
How can they obtain
The substance of either literature or music?



They need to think deeper into the meaning besides the words and forms :)


Dear David,

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do, isn't it? Maybe our education system should be less academic and more experiential... That might help a great deal :)



this is indeed true. am so scared to realise how people are getting more and more superficial and in the fast food culture nowadays.... everyone is going for the short-cut....

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A good education, knowledge of where you are coming from and the avility to listen to thers are also part of one's wisdom. I think...



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