Saturday, September 27, 2008

eLawyer Legal Blog Writing Contest 2008

The Way of the General: On Adjudication

When rulers adjudicate criminal cases and execute punishments, they worry that they may be unclear. The innocent may be punished while the guilty may be released.

The powerful may arrogate to themselves alone the right to speak, while the powerless may have their rights infringed upon by those who bear grudges against them.

Honesty may be distorted; those who are wronged may not get a chance to express themselves. The trustworthy may be suspected; the loyal may be attacked.

These are all perversions, problems causing disaster and violence, aberrations causing calamity and chaos.

It is pertinent to note than that even the Ancients considered the existence of just laws to be of paramount importance, in ensuring the security and stability of a nation.

With the current political climate, I am sure many of you are frustrated and have grievances with the legal system in Malaysia. Why not channel these emotions into something constructive by joining the
eLawyer Legal Blog Writing Contest 2008?

An Intriguing Contest
All lawyers, law student and bloggers are invited to partcipate in the writing competition, featuring the following ‘hot’ topics:

1. Towards an independent judiciary in Malaysia
2. Common Bar Exams: The creation of a new problem or a solution for an old one?
3. Welcome the impact of Tun Mahathir’s blog
4. Anti-party Hopping Law: Agree or Disagree?

You can choose EITHER ONE of the above topics, give your two-cents worth in not more than 1,000 words. You stand to win up to RM500 cash! Successful entries will be featured in an exclusive section on the eLawyer website. For more details on how to participate, click

Instead of complaining, why not do something about it? Here’s your chance to voice out your thoughts and opinion.



Thank you for creating awareness of this contest.


Dear eLawyer,

You're welcome. Hopefully, readers here will be motivated to participate in this contest :)


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