Monday, September 8, 2008

Speed Reading – Part VIII

Analytical Reading: Classification Stage (Part 1 of 4)

We are currently at the Analytical Reading stage of Speed Reading. For a bird's eye view of Analytical Reading, please click here.

Understanding the Importance of Classification

You must know what kind of book you are reading. Preferably, before you start reading. There are different approaches required depending on the book you are reading. This is particularly important when you are reading nonfictional expository works.

What are nonfictional expository works?
An expository book is one that conveys primarily, ‘knowledge’. Any books that consist primarily of opinions, theories, hypotheses or speculation conveys knowledge and is classified as an expository work

Why do we need to classify these works?
It is important as each category is instructive in a particular way. For example, the problems dealt by a book on physics and one on morals are not the same. The methods an author may employ in solving a problem in physics will differ vastly from one attempting to answer moral dilemmas. As a skillful reader, your method in reading expository works must vary depending on the type of book you are reading.

What are the different categories of nonfictional expository works?
1. Practical Books;
2. Imaginative Literature;
3. Stories, Plays and Poems;
4. History;
5. Science and Mathematics;
6. Philosophy; and
7. Social Science.

How do I classify a book before reading?
Use inspectional reading to classify the book you are reading. This can be performed by reading:
1. The Title;
2. Subtitle;
3. Table of Contents;
4. Preface by the Author;
5. Index; and
6. Publisher’s Blurb.

For more information about Inspectional Reading, please refer to the following:
1. Inspectional Reading: Systematic Skimming
2. Inspectional Reading: Superficial Reading

We have completed the Part 1 of 4 of the Classification Stage in Analytical Reading. Next, we will look at what we can learn from the Title of a Book. Any questions or comments?



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