Monday, September 15, 2008

Financial Intelligence – Part XII

The Quest for the Truth

Inspired by Falling Stones and Damien’s Site's philosophical musings, today’s post on Financial Intelligence is more introspective in nature, discussing the quest to understand the meaning of life and the role financial intelligence plays in it. Sounds interesting? Well, please read on.

A Sense of Dissatisfaction
Amidst the humdrum and busy-ness of daily life, I perform the same old cyclical routine. Attend to the basic needs of the body by eating and sleeping. Interspersed with this is the necessity to work to earn enough money to meet my needs. The feeling of dissatisfaction is muted with the incessant drone of entertainment from the idiot box. Over and over, the cycle of life repeats itself. Is this all there is to life?

The Matrix: Neo’s Dilemma
In the movie the Matrix, Morpheus (named after the Greek God of Dreams and Sleep) offers Neo two pills.

The red pill will answer the question ‘What is the Matrix?’ (by removing him from it) and the blue pill simply for life to carry on as before. As Neo reaches for the red pill Morpheus warns Neo ‘Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more.’

The Blue Pill: Ignorance is Bliss!
‘I know what you're thinking, 'cause right now I'm thinking the same thing. Actually, I've been thinking it ever since I got here: Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?’ remarked

The blue pill symbolizes a capitulation to the system. One accepts unquestioningly our role in life and do what we are told. By ‘fitting in’, one remains in one’s comfort zone. Questioning the status quo carries the danger of ostracism, possibly persecution.

The Red Pill: The Search for the Elusive Truth
The red pill is represents a murky abyss clothed in Darkness. From afar, there are tantalizing glimpses of the shimmering Truth. Taking the red pill means having the courage and faith to step into the abyss in the hope of finding the Truth. In order to answer this question, one must gamble one’s whole life in search for the Truth. You must ask yourself ‘Is it worth the Risk?’

On Opposite Ends
The capitalist system permeating our lives can be both an aid or a barrier to the search for the Truth. For those that are wealthy, the hubris of wealth may tighten their bonds of suffering. The greater the wealth they have, the graver the insecurity of losing it. And those that are tottering on the precipice of poverty, life are about the daily struggle for survival. There is no time for philosophical ponderings.

Financial Intelligence
We, who are on the middle road are fortunate indeed. We have a choice:

For those of us intent on taking the Blue Pill, Financial Intelligence will alleviate our daily troubles and burdens in Life. We have more time to spend chasing meaningful pursuits and dreams. Without the worries of debts and poverty, a small measure of happiness can be obtained.

And what about the courageous ones like Neo willing to take the red pill? It is only when you are financial independent, can you begin to undertake the task to search for the Truth. If you are struggling financially, can you have the audacity to begin your sojourn for the Truth?

Financial Intelligence forms the foundations and very basis for the quest for the Truth. For those struggling with questions on the meaning of life, may I kindly suggest putting them aside first? It may be wiser to first consider your financial IQ by taking my quizzes
here and here. Any questions or comments?



Agree. To me the link between financial wisdom and mental health is mental baggage. Only when the mind is free from baggage can it really soar.

And the worst mental baggage, to me, is debt. I've seen how the financially ignorant suffer from credit cards and ah longs. Hounded by creditors, they spend their lives covering one hole by digging up another. Some are forced to work past 80 years old to pay off their creditors. Families break up. Its hell on earth.

Its from this observation that I live on 3 simple things. Have no debt, pass no burden to anyone, be charitable. Try it, its liberating.

Take care of your material karma and hopefully you'll find enough peace to move on to the next stage.


Dear Damien,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. Yup, getting into debt can get very ugly.

I think most of us superficially understand the importance of not getting into debt but when it comes to implementation, it's quite hard.

Imagine, the next Malaysian Sales has been rebranded as Super Savers Sale LOL. If you have to spend money, how can it be called Super Savers?



From the same people who say, "Why by one for $20 when you can buy 5 for $80?" Its called marketing, LOL. And trust some bright shopper to say, "Ooh, what should I buy with the $20 I save?" Hahaha.

Maverick SM

I have another suggestion: expand your topics and include social lifestyle and community issues. Try to be less political as socio-political writers will get into trouble often and also have distasteful commenters.

Once you have more categories you can than spread out the writings by topics and schedule it over the 7 days week.

Enjoy blogging and you have great support from the blogospheres. Many people love your blog; just that you don't know.


Dear Maverick,

My life is pretty non-social. I'm living a bit like a hermit, so blogging about lifestyle and social issues is way out of my expertise. LOL

Thanks for your kind suggestions though. I've some interesting topics up my sleeve though. Just ran out of steam these past few days. After your Red-Bull pick me up post, I'm feeling invigorated already :)



Dear Damien,

I've just one word to describe your opinion:




Avatar : no man is an island. Go out & meet some new people. Learn new things or see things from other angles. You'll love it!


Dear Yours Truly,

Haha...good advice. I'll do so, but to blog about it, I'm not so sure LOL :)



Well, I often REGRET takin' the Red Pill (Wisdom), but is the Blue Pill (of Ignorance) any better? Fear of being ostracized? Ha! Only possible in our oriental upbringing I suppose. Had enough of trying to "fit in" anywhere.


Dear Yours Truly,

Not everyone is brave enough to take the Red Pill like you-mah.

To be truthful, both red and blue pills are still sitting on my table right now. Still thinking...



Wow!!!The link between wealth and truth.

No doubt, if we are to beholden by debts, money etc, our eyes are hazed by doubts.

But on the contrary, wealth do blured the heart and again truth is unattainable.

In the end we have to be wise, and financial intelligence is only a part of it, of which with financial freedom, there can be lesser hurdle to attain wise truth.

i think Wisdom is the key, to health, wealth, truth and of course, joy.


Dear amethyst213,

Yes, wealth in moderation is the best way.


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